Vietnamese Keyboard Driver For Macintosh


This is the official home of MacVNKey, a Vietnamese keyboard driver for the Macintosh. Previously its official homepage was at TriChlor and the software and fonts were available through ftp at MIT.

Currently, this version of MacVNKey can run on Mac Classics only. Its main purpose is to allows users to type VISCII characters into Mac applications using VISCII fonts. The entire VISCII True Type font sets on Windows were also ported to Mac. Please click here to see the keyboard driver software and all the Mac VISCII font sets.

If you have any questions, please visit our forum hosted at VietUnicode forum or send an email to

If you need a Vietnamese keyboard driver for Windows, please check out WinVNKey at

Hoc D. Ngo --
Member, Vietnamese Standardization Working Group (Viet-Std) and TriChlor Software Group
Authors of MacVNKey and WinVNKey 4.X and higher